What is the non-climbable zone? 

Pool fences, pool gates and CPR signs. 

These are probably a few of the common things that might come to mind, when someone mentions pool safety. 

But have you considered the Non-Climbable Zone, sometimes referred to as your NCZ? 

Knowing what your non-climbable zone is, as well as the things you need to look out for when doing your routine checks, can potentially save a life. 

In today’s write-up I’ll share with you the importance of maintaining an NCZ, what the non-climbable zone is, as well as how to keep it safe and compliant. 

In fact it’s so easy, you’ll be able to do the checks and, more likely than not, make sure your pool area is safe… 

… All within 10 minutes of reading this article! 

Why you should care about your non-climbable zone: 

Why is the NCZ important? 

Maintaining a compliant non-climbable zone around your pool area is absolutely imperative to ensuring mischievous little hands and feet aren’t able to climb over your pool fence and access the pool. 

Accidental drownings are one of the top 5 killers of children under the age of 5, with Royal Lifesaving Australia reporting 91.6% of unintentional drownings instances occurring in backyard pools. 

It really does become apparent that simply having a pool fence, compliant locks and latches, and a CPR sign is just not enough to prevent these tragedies from occurring. 

One additional line of defense is your non-climbable zone, which is in place to act as a secure perimeter around your pool fence preventing children from climbing over the pool fence. 

By keeping that NCZ clear, you’re ensuring there are no possible footholds or handholds for curious children to use to gain access to the pool. 

Let’s get to the golden question: 

What is the Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)? 

Like I mentioned previously: 

The non-climbable zone is an area that pool owners must maintain as a preventative measure against children climbing over fencing into the pool area. 

The NCZ is measured as an arc shape from the top of the pool fence arching towards the ground. 

It also includes the space extending 30 cm inside the pool area, where you should also keep it free from any potential footholds or handholds. 

Any horizontal climbable bars on your pool fence must also be spaced at least 90 cm apart. 

If you’re still unsure, simply snap us a photo of your pool to our mobile number or e-mail address and we can take a quick look for you. 

How to keep your non-climbable zone safe and compliant 

In order to keep your NCZ safe and compliant with NSW legislation, you will need to be make sure to keep items such as the following at least 90 cm from the NCZ: 

– Any trees
– Shrubs
– Other objects such as a BBQ
– Pot plants
– Toys
– Ladders
– Furniture 

Remember to also ensure there are no foreign objects that are within 30 cm inside the pool area, and that any horizontal climbable bars on your pool fence are spaced at least 90 cm apart! 

If you have noticed any objects within your pool’s non-climbable zone, the fix is really simple. 

For unfixed items, simply move them to another location outside of the non-climbable zone. 

Should you have any fixed items, or horizontal climbable bars that are within 90 cm of each other, seeking professional help is highly recommended. 

Depending on what item you have fixed and your pool layout, our team are the pros at thinking up the best pool safety solution for you; without breaking the bank. 

Now, go check your pool has an NCZ! 

Brilliant, you’ve upgraded your understanding and improved your pool safety skills by learning about the importance of a non-climbable zone, what the NCZ is, as well as how to rectify any potential safety hazards. 

Perhaps you may have noticed an old planter box? 

Or perhaps a garden chair has fallen over into your pool’s non-climbable zone? 

Regardless what it is, armed with nothing more than a tape measure and what you’ve learnt from today’s article, you’ll be well on your way to confidently fixing these issues. 


Grab yourself a copy of your pool safety self-assessment PDF to make those routine checks a breeze.

Simply follow the image below to access your very own copy.

If you’re ever unsure simply snap a photo your pool to our mobile number or e-mail, and get the very best, free pool safety advice. 

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